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Bopo Perfume Crystal Roller

Choose your favourite Crystal Infused Essential Oil Perfume Blend. These are perfect as as a light natural perfume alternative and each roller features a genuine crystal roller ball. Choose from the following blends;

Dreamer: For Sleep & Calm. Ft. Dream Amethyst.
Aphrodite: For Love & Abundance. Ft. Rose Quartz.
Moonchild: For Ease & Flow. Ft. Obsidian.
Luminous: Confidence & Inner Strength. Ft. Tigers Eye.
Ethereal: For Sensuality. Ft. Clear Quartz.
Ember: For Comfort & Security. Ft. Red Jasper.

Pack Size: 15ml
Cruelty free, vegan, natural, real crystal roller, handmade with love in Sydney, Australia

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